Tube spring manometer EN 837-1, 63/100/160 mm
Version for chemical applications - Type RC...-



  • bayonet housing for chemical applications63, 100, 160 mm
  • without or with glycerine filling
  • installation of electrical contact devices
  • installation of diaphragm seals for special measuring tasks


The tube spring manometers for chemical applications can be used for almost any medium and under any operating conditions. They fulfil the high quality requirements for almost any industrial use as a result of their high capacity, long service life and high mechanical quality. The devices are used for measuring gaseous and liquid media in ranges from 0 / 0.6 bar and 0 / 1000 bar.
At measuring points under high dynamic load, e.g. rapid load changes or shocks, manometers with a shock-absorbing liquid filling must be used. Diaphragm seals with a flush-mounted membrane can be used for highly viscous media, sanitary applications, etc. The installation of additional devices such as measuring transducers and electrical contact devices is possible (see corresponding data sheets).