Food, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries

The food, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries sometimes have identical requirements with regard to the measuring equipment at their production facilities. International guidelines an directives require increasingly reliable process management as well as high and consistent product quality. The hygienic design of production facilities and machinery now forms part of the EU Machine Directive (2006/42/EC).

The Hengesbach product range is tailored of the requirements of these sectors and offers a wide range of process measuring technology developed according to hygienic design criteria. EHEDG certificates, FDA accreditation certificates and material certificates according to EN 10 204 are available.

The major features of our products:

  • stainless steel 1.4404 or .14435 (316L) for parts in contact with the medium
  • very good surface qualities, roughness index < 0.8 µm or better (electropolished)
  • sealing elastomers, coatings and other FDA-accredited synthetic materials
  • FDA certified filling liquids
  • process adaptions that do leave gaps
  • CIP and SIP-compatible process connections
  • hygienic design of the parts outside the processes, such as smooth surfaces for external cleaning without leaving a residue
  • good sealing properties of the field housing to ensure resitance to steam- and foam-cleaning as well as to condensate, etc.: IP67 and IP 69 K