Diaphragm manometer EN 837-3, 100/160 mm
Version for chemical applications - Type PC...-



  • NG 100 and 160 mm with horizontal measuring flange
  • without or with glycerine filling
  • installation of electrical contact devices
  • various pressure connections and materials


Diaphragm manometers with horizontal measuring flanges for chemical applications are suitable for measuring thin liquids (threaded connection G ½ B) and especially contaminated and highly viscous media (e.g. open connection flange) in over- and underpressure ranges from -1 to 0 bar and 0/0.6 - 25 bar. The devices are made from solid stainless steel and are suitable for challenging environments and media. They are highly shock-resistant and have a high level of overpressure protection.
When the device is used in a shock-prone environment, the glycerine filling acts as a shock absorber for all components.
Electrical contacts have been provided for the alarm and switch functions.