Food, pharmaceutical products, water and waste water, paper and energy, etc. Measuring systems for process-related analysis of industrial liquids are used in all industrial sectors involving process technology. The product analysis program can be used to determine sensory parameters such as the pH value and conductivity. The optical measuring systems are used to determine cloudiness, colour, chlorine content and nitrate content, as well as other chemical components of liquids. Customised process connections and designs determine the profile of the instrumentation in this case, based on specialised process knowledge and application know-how.
Analysis measuring technology

To ensure the optimal system integration and processing of the measuring values, we will support you by offering you both tried and trusted hardware products and customised automation solutions that fulfil the industry-specific requirements regarding efficiency and transparent process integration.

For application-orientated solutions in pressure measuring technology, Hengesbach offers a wide range of mechanical devices and electronic pressure and differential pressure transducers based on modern sensor technology, as well as specific diaphragm seals with corresponding accessories.
Pressure measuring technology

Our instrumentation department provides modern processes such as magnetic/inductive flow meters and Coriolis mass flow meters designed for your specific application in measuring the flow of liquids, gases and steam. Other measuring principles, such as flow measurements for high-temperature gases flowing through dynamic pressure sensors or nozzles, are also available.
Flow measuring technology

Tasks in the field of filling level measurement for bulk goods and liquids are solved with high-performance equipment used for continuous measuring or limit level detection. Our devices are characterised by various measuring principles as well as high-quality electronics and have been equipped with application-specific housings and the corresponding process connection design.
Filling level measuring technology (level)

Hengesbach offers a comprehensive equipment portfolio for temperature measuring. Apart from mechanical thermometers, we mainly offer  industrially optimised resistance thermometers (PT100 sensors, thermo-elements, etc.) and temperature transmitters with different electronic interfaces.
Temperature measuring technology