The production systems in the textile industry pose stringent, industry-specific requirements for the design of measuring technology. Difficult environmental and process conditions, especially in the field of wet finishing (textile dyeing), for example high humidity levels, high temperatures and corrosive media (e.g. chlorine bleaching lye) require high and consistent product quality.

Hengesbach offers a series of product solutions tailored to the requirements of the textile industry. The focus is on stainless steel equipment; the sealing qualities of the housings, their reliability and long-term stability are important criteria taken into account when adjusting the equipment. Manufacturer- and industry-specific process connections have been taken into account in the Hengesbach product range.

The major features of our products:

  • Stainless steel 1.4404 or 1.4571 for components in contact with the medium, with higher stainless steel alloys or special materials as required.
  • Resistance of the sensors used to high and fluctuating process temperatures as well as to aggressive measuring materials.
  • Process connections without residues, as well as customer-specific versions.
  • High sealing level of the housings for resistance to corrosive and humid environmental influences such as high humidity levels