Pressure transducer
integrated into a tube spring manometer – Type DMU… –



  • output signal 0-20 mA, 3-wire or 4-20 mA, 2-wire
  • pressure-measuring ranges from 0-1 or -1-0 to 0-1000 bar
  • electrical output signal is independent of the manometer indication
  • options:

    • limit signal indicator
    • diaphragm seal
    • housing filling


The pressure transducer with its tube spring measuring system is a mechanical pressure meter with a local display and an integrated piezo-resistive sensor for remote transmission of pressure values in the form of a constant analog signal at 0 or 4-20 mA.
The design is such that the electrical output signal is independent of the manometer indicator. A defective manometer will therefore not affect the electrical output signal and vice versa.
The vibration-resistant mechanical construction and high-grade electronic equipment render this pressure transducer suitable for operation under difficult conditions. The oil-filled pressure transducer is a special version recommended for measurements taken at measuring points subject to high dynamic loads such as shocks.
The pressure transducer can also be configured to carry out regulatory and controlling functions in process automation.
The devices can be equipped with electrical limit signal indicators for this purpose. All common diaphragm seal connections can be fitted.