Contact resistance thermometer
- Type TP 11 / TW 71 -



  • pt100 - measuring resistor according to din iec 751
  • fastening with clamp band
  • protection type ip 65 according to en 60529
  • operating temperature range - 50°c ... + 200°c
  • with moulded-on connection cable


Contact-type resistance thermometers of Type TP11 / TW79 are suitable for direct and non-invasive temperature measurements, e.g. at tanks and pipelines. They are usually installed with a clamp band. Head-conducting paste for fast measuring response is strongly recommended. The output signal is a PT100 resistance value that is equivalent to the temperature measured. It is transmitted through a firmly moulded-on cable of selectable length that needs to be specified. An optional housing for wall mounting and an integrated transmitter can be supplied for transmitting the 4...20 mA signal through a 2-wire circuit.