Capacitve level probe



  • Capacitive limit detection for food and beverage with hygienic process connection
  • Particularly suitable for low level indication at tank bottoms
  • Independent of conductivity of media
  • Specially for limit detection of pasty media and heavy product deposits
  • Extended measuring range for critical media (e.g. oil, fat, ...)
  • Rough construction in protection class ip 69k
  • Reliable operation even in adhesive media by parameterization of both on and off condition


The LEVELTEC L capacitive level switch is used specifically for low level (empty) detection at tank bottoms for pasty and adhesive media. Due to its construction of an inactive extension of the measuring pipe, the LEVELTEC L is insensitive to product deposits, thereby guaranteeing reliable detection. Due to the temperature resistance of the device, sterilisation and CIP cleaning can be performed.

The output signal can be connected directly to a PLC or PLS for further processing. The hygienic adaptation to the process is ensured by corresponding welded-in parts and flush-mounting. The adaptation to the DK values of the respective media can be infinitely adjusted in the device.