Pressure transmitter for standard applications
- Type DME 11 -


  • output signal 0–20 mA, 3-wire, 4-20 mA, 2-wire or 0-10V DC, 3-wire
  • pressure-measuring ranges from 0-1 or -1-0 to 0-400 bar
  • for standard applications, e.g. in the energy field


The Type DME 11 pressure transmitter with ceramic membrane is a cost-efficient pressure transmitter for standard applications, for example in the energy field. The measuring pressure acts directly on a ceramic membrane that deforms when pressure is applied. The electronic system integrated into the pressure transmitter housing converts the signal generated by the DMS connector on the ceramic membrane into a standard electrical output signal 0…20 mA, 4…20mA or 0…10V DC.