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  • Turbidity Sensor


    for the food, dairy and beverage industry

    Pictogramm Analyse
    Trübungsmessgerät TURBIMESS NG
    • detection of product change (e.g. milk – cream – whey)
    • continuous monitoring of e.g. milk fat content / quality inspection
    • monitoring of the cleaning agents’ pollution degree
      during CIP
    • detection of filter breakdown
    • detection of yeast and cloudy fruit juice
    • process connections Clamp; Varivent; DIN 11851
    • integrated LED display
    • easy parametrizing with three push buttons
  • Magnetic-inductiv Flowmeter

    VolumMess (the compact one)

    for the food and beverage industry

    Pictogramm Durchfluss
    Anzeige TEMA
    • small form factor due to compact transmitter design
    • made exclusively from stainless steel, protection class IP67, follows the hygienic design principle
    • pulse and analog output (4-20mA, active)
    • nominal diameter DN10- DN150, measuring ranges from
      30 l/h to up 640m³/h
    • measurement possible in both flow directions
    • measuring accuracy typically +/- 0,5%FS
    • media temperatures from 0…100°C; 130°C for 30 minutes
    • piggable, process connection DIN11864-2 Form A, adapters available for welding nipple, DIN11851, Clamp, …