Accurately determined sensory parameters, such as pressure and temperature, filling level, limit levels, conductivity, pH value and flow, in combination with optical measuring systems for cloudiness, chlorine, SAK 254, nitrate, oil in water, etc., provide the basis for data evaluation and the control of a system. In addition, they reduce (energy) costs in the long term, help to conserve fresh water and thus drinking water resources and ensure that the amount of chemicals required for waste water treatment is perceptibly reduced.

The major features of our products :

  • Stainless steel 1.4571 and other alloys, e.g. 1.4462, as a minimum requirement
  • Special materials such as hastelloy, titanium, etc. serve to protect components in contact with the medium against corrosion.
  • Special sealing elastomers, coatings and other plastics, e.g. PTFE, PFA, etc.
  • Material durability and high sealing levels of the housings to corrosive environmental conditions (e.g. with regard to sea water desalination plants, etc.).
  • Food-compatible versions for drinking water preparation and network pressure monitoring