Tube Resistance Thermometer
- Type TP 21 / TW 59...T108/T141 -



  • deadspace-free temperature measurement
  • no contacting with media
  • for food and pharmaceutical industries
  • entirely in stainless steel
  • corrosion restistance by field housing
  • custom-designed process connections
  • optional with transmitter


The Tube Resistance Thermometers Type TP21 meet, by their design layouts, the requirements for a deadspace-free and hygienic measurement in all kinds of fluid media, like e.g. milk, beer, juice etc. The measurement occurs without a profile modification and without contacting the media by the sensing resistor, taking into account the good response times. Therefore e.g. cleaning procedures by a pig etc. are possible.

The device consists of a pipe body with neck tube in stainless steel. Integrated in the pipe body is a PT100-thermometer. Optionally the measuring insert contains one or two measuring resistors PT100, connected via the terminal block of the housing head in 2-, 3- or 4-wire circuit.

The temperature sensors are to be integrated in the pipeline. Different connection versions for varying applications are available. By means of the special design of the housing head in a reliable stainless steel field housing, the sensors are especially suited for measuring tasks in corrosive and aggressive environmental conditions. Also with applications in a wet and humid environment and under extreme conditions the design in IP65 respectively IP67 guarantees robustness and high dependability.

The temperature sensors are customized to requirements in reference to temperature, length, resilience, vibration stability and measurement accuracy. For specific applications media contacted parts can be offered in a polished steel version.