Digital tank level display



  • 1 input for standard signals 0/4-20 ma or 0/2-10 v dc
  • 1 input for automatic filling level correction, optional: 2. input for pressure measuring transmitter
  • volume or mass display (weight)
  • 6 standard as well as any special tank shapes selectable
  • max. 2 alarm outputs, change-over relay, min/max function
  • analog output 0/4...20 ma, 0/2...10 v dc, depending on the working resistance
  • protection type ip 65
  • display scope digits 0...999999
  • adjustment in pressure-free state possible


The DTA 1010 digital tank content indicator can determine the content of tanks of various shapes, even when there is no linear relationship between filling height and content, i.e. the system compensates for non-standardised tank shapes. The measurement is based on the hydrostatic pressure or differential pressure (with 2 pressure sensors) or on distance sensors (e.g. ultrasound, radar, potentiometer).

The device provides the option of connecting an additional level sensor. When a specific level is reached, the display is corrected to the value that corresponds to the filling height in the tank in which the level sensor has been installed.

Programming is performed at the membrane keyboard in front. The alarm outputs can be programmed as min. or max. functions. The switching states are indicated by LEDs. When the digital filter is activated, the mean of 16 measuring values is continuously calculated and displayed. An analogue signal in the range 0...20 mA / 0...10 V DC or 4...20 mA / 2...10 V DC that is proportional to the tank content is provided. Switching from a current to a voltage signal is load dependent(> 500 Ω to voltage).