Magnetic-inductive flow meter


For measuring the volume flow of conductive fluids.
VolumMess is the ideal measuring device for filler and dosing systems.


  • small form factor due to compact transmitter design
  • made exclusively from stainless steel, protection class IP67,follows the hygienic design principle
  • pulse and analog output (4-20mA, active)
  • nominal diameter DN10- DN150, measuring ranges from 30 l/h to up  640m³/h
  • measurement possible in both flow directions
  • measuring accuracy typically +/- 0,5%FS
  • media temperatures from 0…100°C; 130°C for 30 minutes
  • the integrated empty conduit recognition avoids undefined counting in empty pipes
  • resistant against vacuum conditions even at high temperatures
  • piggable, process connection DIN11864-2 Form A, adapters available for welding nipple, DIN11851, Clamp, …
  • version 1 without display 
    -  the device is factory-preset
    -  color indication of 3 operating modes
  • version 2 with display
    - configuration via 3 contactless keys without opening the device
    - operator-friendly easy parametrization via a “quickstart” and simple change of language